a tale of three closets

one thing i really wanted to do this weekend was organize my closets! i have three different closets that i use for all of my clothes {plus 2 sets of built in drawers, but we won’t even go there right now!} for a long time, one closet has been for pants and shoes, one for tops and shoes, and one for dresses, skirts, and more shoes. i would say that more than half of the time i am not wearing anything from those three closets because i am wearing workout clothes. so i dig through my deep built in drawers to find the ones i want to wear, and i end up forgetting about some of what i have or it just ends up lost in a mix of loungewear… no bueno. so i decided to overhaul the closet situation and devote an entire closet to the stuff that i wear and love the most. so here it is:

closet #1- used to be pants and shoes, now it is workout clothes, shoes, headbands, sports bras, and socks





closet #2- used to be just tops and shoes, but pants have moved on in



and closet #3- dresses and skirts


i love how clean and organized everything looks, and it’s definitely going to be a lot easier to find what i am actually looking for everyday! now onto the drawers i suppose…

ps. i am selling so many of my clothes on poshmark,, so please check out my closet if you’re looking for some nice, inexpensive clothes!!! here’s the link, and i am slowly adding more and more items, so keep checking it out! https://poshmark.com/closet/lindsay1228


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