what we eat

mike and i like to have a plan., especially when it comes to food. we make a meal plan before the beginning of each week, and shop accordingly. we have gotten really good at streamlining our shopping, which makes everything else so much easier!!

basically, mike goes to BJs every few weeks and stocks up on things we eat all the time: ground turkey, chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, chobani, laughing cow, brussel sprouts, coffee, and some household stuff.

then, we go to the regular grocery store weekly for fresh produce, milk, and whatever else we need for the meals on our weekly plan.

here is this week’s trip to randalls…


and then to fresh acres…


and here is our meal plan for this week…


the salmon and steak tips are things we will buy the day-of, but everything else is all set and ready to go… so easy, and SO worth it to not think about “what’s for dinner?” every day!

do you meal plan or you more of a day-to-day planner? 



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