last weekend

since it’s almost time for the weekend, i thought i would share some pictures from last weekend!

saturday started off with an at-home-wod:


it left me feeling like this, but made the rest of my day feel great!

home wod

sunday was such a nice day and it was even more nice to have mike home!!! we got so much done, it was really the perfect day…

we went and had breakfast and took the pups for a little run and swim!



ruby is so cute with the whole swimming thing. every year, she gets more daring and this year, i have a feeling she’s going to be just like brutus: always wanting to be in the water! pools, oceans, lakes, ponds, puddles…. they love it!


then i did all kinds of house stuff while mike washed our cars until i begged him to go to the driving range!

me golf

me golf 2

golf mike
we also had ice cream for lunch. it’s always a good idea.

later on, we took the dogs on their favorite walk {this is something i have been seriously loving lately} and grilled out on our lovely little deck {also loving!}

it was just a simple, perfect day.


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