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three in a row!

it has been a great week of workouts so far!! tuesdays and thursdays are strength days at the box, plus kettle bell wods after the lifts. tuesday was push press 5×3, and i felt great! i even felt like i could’ve done more weight, but i am still getting used to the way things work at crossfit, so i went with the percentages prescribed…


the kettle bell wod that followed the push presses was SO hard. so so hard.

4 RFT w/ a 10 minute time cap

  • 30 american swings
  • 15 over the bell burpees

i finished 3 rounds and 5 burpees. my shoulders were ON FIRE.

wednesday morning, the metcon was awesome…


  • worst part: wall balls 100%
  • best part: deadlifts {even though my legs were like jello at that point}

i finished in 12:31 and i was so excited to rx a wod!


and then this morning, we were back for some front squats…


i’m still using my old 175# 1RM, so here’s what i did:


it felt pretty easy. i was thinking about adding 5 pounds for my last set, but decided to leave it as it was. {kinda wish i added, though}

20140529-083209-30729145.jpgthen, the kettle bell wod. ohhhh, kettle bells. they always kick my butt.

10 min EMOM {every minute on the minute}

  • 15 kb snatches
  • 5 push ups
  • plank until the next minute

it hurt to hold the steering wheel of my car after all those snatches!

that’s all for now. i feel really good, really strong, really happy!

flamingo png 2


making the most of memorial day weekend

let’s go back to friday afternoon, the start of the lovely long weekend! poor mike had to work saturday, sunday, and monday, so we tried to squeeze in some fun in the mornings and at night.

on friday after school, i came home, showered, and we headed right down to west hartford. i did a little shopping and we grabbed a drink and sat out on the sidewalk until the skies opened up! we were trying to decide where to go to dinner, and capital grille it was! it was SO delicious and relaxing…


and of course, i am reckless and some of my wine went flying!

on saturday morning, mike went off to work and i went for a run and did all kinds of errands and felt like a real housewife. when he got home, we were both so tired that we just got out favorite mexican takeout and relaxed like bums. it was pretty perfect, actually!

the next morning, we were all nice and rested up, so we headed out for the same run i did the day before. it was a nice, fast 3.5 miles, but when we got home, i wanted more! so, i made us do a 20 minute “deck wod”. it was similar to the one i did last weekend, minus the sit ups because both of our butts were recovering from sit up injuries!!! after that, we were super sweaty, sore, and ready for our days!

our crossfit box was closed on monday, so we went to our other gym and took over the group exercise room. we did 3 rounds of this crazy, exhausting, wonderful wod I found online.

jumprope wod

i ordered us some jump ropes so we can practice our double unders, and just so we can add them to our home wods when we feel like it! can’t wait for them to get here tomorrow…

orange blue

after that torture, i did 50 american kb swings and some ab work…. so so so sweaty!

i think i spent a lot of time doing research online this weekend too {wedding, shopping, workouts, houses, teaching ideas, etc!} i found this awesome shirt that i think i need to get for mike for a funny wedding present…

mike shirt

and, you already know how my weekend ended ūüôā

hope you had a wonderful long weekend… i’m already looking forward to this coming one!

thursday & some random thoughts

still can’t totally straighten my arms after the monday/tuesday wods, but i think that’s a good thing?? tuesday night, i had to be ridiculous and use a bottle opener to open my mich ultra, that’s how sore and weak i was!

1 mermaid opener

this morning, we were back at it, though, and it was romanian deadlift time. here’s what i did, but like before, my coach says i definitely could have gone up in weight… maybe that means i am already getting stronger since i used the percentages prescribed…


and now for some random thoughts…

i just love the feeling of an empty, silent, clean classroom at the end of the day.

1  quiet class

walking two strong dogs alone is quite the arm and oblique workout.

1 dog walk

every once in awhile, fortune cookies will really get things right.

1 fortune

have a great, happy day!!

a sore start to the week!

monday morning’s wod made my forearms explode…

10 Min AMRAP

  • 10 hang power cleans (i did 83#)
  • 10 pull ups

i ended up finishing ¬†3 Rounds + 10 cleans, which was a total of 40 cleans and 30 pull ups. the cleans were my favorite part by far, and¬†the pull ups made me angry. the weirdest part was that my grip was so exhausted by the third round it was hard just to hold onto the bar! but i did feel awesome when it was over, even though i still can’t really straighten my arms.

this morning i was ready for some heavy lifting!


i based my percentages off of my front squat 1RM at my old gym, which was 175#… i was nervous that i would have trouble with the weights, but by the time i did my fourth round, my coach told me to add some weight for the 5th round. i did it, no problem, and could’ve added some more, but i am proud of what i did! i felt good & strong!


after that, it was KB wod time… i was kind of dreading it because my upper body was still so sore from monday’s wod. basically, it was a 10 minute EMOM, and if you couldn’t keep up with the minutes, you were cutoff! i ended up getting cutoff after 8 complete rounds of 5 burpees and 15 catch & release kettle bell swings, plus 5 burpees and 7 swings…. so hard. so, so hard!

but here’s an awesome picture my coach took of me doing it!


tomorrow is {a much needed} rest day, so mike and i just got back from taking the pups for a walk, and now it is time to relax!

hope you all have a great night!

last one, best one

yesterday was my fourth grade students’ last of five MCAS sessions for the year and I couldn’t help myself from talking lifting talk to them…

I am constantly yelling¬†“last one, best one” to myself in my head during my workouts and heavy lifts and I hope it motivated¬†them¬†to give it their all, at least a little bit!

yesterday was our rest day and I actually got sad when I saw the wod¬†was “Nancy”. I’m eager to do my first girl or hero wod, and Nancy didn’t look crazy scary to me {until I really thought about it}. But, I was so sore from the day before that there was no way it was happening. I did get my first taste of feeling like a crazy crossfit person, though, when I felt left out and like I was missing something on a rest day. I swear I get more and more excited about it every day!

this morning, we hopped out of bed and push presses 5×5 were¬†on the menu. here’s what I did, although I feel that I could’ve/should’ve gone heavier on my last set because 95# wasn’t feeling too hard for me. using my legs to drive mixed with being allowed a tiny pause between reps realllllly really helps me out.


*mopping is also something i am trying to get better at these days!

the hard part came after that: the kettle bell wod! these things KILL me! it was 3 Rounds for Time, but actually more of an AMRAP because they cut you off at 10min…

  • 45 power swings
  • 30 goblet squats
  • 20 American swings
  • 10 burpees

I did exactly 2 rounds, and my shoulders and traps were on fireeeee! my lovely sweat angel was proud.


i had to cool off for awhile before heading into the bathroom to get ready for work, but my little system of freshening up worked well, so i will certainly be blogging about it as soon as i can get my act together enough to take pictures of the whole process!

mike and i are on our way out to dinner tonight. thursdays are his fridays, and we don’t workout on friday mornings, so it’s a nice little relaxing night to go out. i am seriously craving a giant burger with crazy stuff all over it after a week of pretty boring lunches and dinners. this weekend will require a¬†serious shift in meal planning and grocery shopping because i feel like i’ve been hangry for a week! need to change things up around here!


have a great night!



deadlifts for breakfast

happy tuesday!

this morning’s wod was 5×5 deadlifts. a couple weeks ago, my IRM was 225#, which was pretty great considering the fact that i hadn’t deadlifted in at least four or 5 months. so today, here’s what i did for 5×5…

deadlift tues may 13

the 180×5’s were good, but my legs were definitely rocking! it has been really¬†difficult getting used to not pausing at all at the bottom of each rep, and i can totally see how this tap-and-go method¬†is more effective for building muscle, strength, and endurance. i can already see and feel myself getting stronger and just more efficient with each workout!

yesterday’s wod was one i am still feeling, too.

10 rounds of:

  • 1 minute row
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec push up
  • 15 sec rest

i actually liked it a lot! i ended up doing a total of 139 push ups and my arms, shoulders, and chest are feeling it today!

and after about a month of waking up at 5 and heading right to crossfit, i think i am finally getting the hang of it {and even really looking forward to it}!!! at first, i was really nervous before each wod, but now i am feeling so much more comfortable with whatever they throw at me. i am also getting pretty good at getting ready for work sans shower! i’m going to write a post on my little routine, but since there are no showers at my box, and it is more than halfway to work for me, i just skip the shower altogether after my workouts. some days are sweatier than others, and as the weather gets warmer and warmer, i am sure it’ll be a whole new challenge. i certainly don’t look my best, but to me it’s a sacrifice i am willing to make three or four days a week!

here i am today- didn’t even wash my face since after the wod today wasn’t especially sweaty…

gym to school

{i should probably at least wash my face}

definitely not my prettiest, but not terrible. it’s also day #4 of not washing my hair, so the headband went from workout to work today.

and one more little thought¬†for today…

know more suck less

i would love to be able to put this in my classroom, but that probably wouldn’t go over so well!