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it was a sunday. i had been sick for almost two weeks and finally left the house that morning to go to a friend’s baby shower. mike was working until 5, so as soon as i got back from the shower, i laid on the couch and waited for him to get home with our pizza. i was still wearing my nice-ish shirt from earlier, but had mike’s gigantic sweatpants on as my bottoms. i was a mess. a sweaty, sick-looking mess who then ate a half of a pizza! right after we ate, mike went and changed into jeans and said he had to go drop a title off at his friend’s house, which i truly thought nothing of! i just laid right back on the couch like a huge bum and watched E News or some other show i can only watch when he isn’t home!

about an hour later, mike came home, and i was about ready to fall asleep. he went into the guest room and changed into his comfy clothes, and the next thing i knew, he had come up behind me on the couch, wrapped his arms around me, and put the open ring box right on my chest. then he said, “wanna get marrrrrried???!!!” i could NOT believe this. it was SUNDAY NIGHT! i was DISGUSTING! i had just eaten A HALF OF A PIZZA! so i said, “shut the f* up!” and “i hate you!!” so sweet, right. so romantic?! but i was SOOOO happy…. i was at the point where i was thinking i would be waiting a really long time for this moment! i finally really said “YES” and put my¬†gorgeous, dream-come-true ring on my finger!


i was so happy i could’ve died! i no longer felt sick or tired at all, i was so excited and mike was so sweet about the whole thing. he then told me that he didn’t go to his friend’s, HE LIED! he had gone to my parents’ house to ask for their permission to MARRY ME! they had just gotten home from DC and he had been waiting all weekend for them to get home so he could ask in person. i, of course, wanted to know EVERYTHING they said, and hearing him tell me how it all went down made me the happiest of all. mike is the most amazing guy ever, and not only am i so lucky to have him, but my entire family is lucky to be adding such a great person to our little team!

we made some very happy phone calls, and then went on to drink TWO BOTTLES OF WINE and stay up until 1;30am talking about our excitement and pretty much just staring at my ring, dreaming of the future. i think mike also danced with brutus saying “are you excited you’re gonna have a real mom!?!” i honestly couldn’t even believe it was real! it’s so funny because i always imagined mike making a big deal when he decided to propose and take me somewhere, or be out in public, but i am SO HAPPY he did it this way because, honestly, it is so “us”. we have pizza every sunday {especially during football season}, it was simple, casual, private, relaxed, and just easy. i am so insanely lucky to have found the guy who makes me happier than i have ever been in my life, supports me and everything i do, loves me every single day, and makes all of my dreams a reality!