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last one, best one

yesterday was my fourth grade students’ last of five MCAS sessions for the year and I couldn’t help myself from talking lifting talk to them…

I am constantly yelling “last one, best one” to myself in my head during my workouts and heavy lifts and I hope it motivated them to give it their all, at least a little bit!

yesterday was our rest day and I actually got sad when I saw the wod was “Nancy”. I’m eager to do my first girl or hero wod, and Nancy didn’t look crazy scary to me {until I really thought about it}. But, I was so sore from the day before that there was no way it was happening. I did get my first taste of feeling like a crazy crossfit person, though, when I felt left out and like I was missing something on a rest day. I swear I get more and more excited about it every day!

this morning, we hopped out of bed and push presses 5×5 were on the menu. here’s what I did, although I feel that I could’ve/should’ve gone heavier on my last set because 95# wasn’t feeling too hard for me. using my legs to drive mixed with being allowed a tiny pause between reps realllllly really helps me out.


*mopping is also something i am trying to get better at these days!

the hard part came after that: the kettle bell wod! these things KILL me! it was 3 Rounds for Time, but actually more of an AMRAP because they cut you off at 10min…

  • 45 power swings
  • 30 goblet squats
  • 20 American swings
  • 10 burpees

I did exactly 2 rounds, and my shoulders and traps were on fireeeee! my lovely sweat angel was proud.


i had to cool off for awhile before heading into the bathroom to get ready for work, but my little system of freshening up worked well, so i will certainly be blogging about it as soon as i can get my act together enough to take pictures of the whole process!

mike and i are on our way out to dinner tonight. thursdays are his fridays, and we don’t workout on friday mornings, so it’s a nice little relaxing night to go out. i am seriously craving a giant burger with crazy stuff all over it after a week of pretty boring lunches and dinners. this weekend will require a serious shift in meal planning and grocery shopping because i feel like i’ve been hangry for a week! need to change things up around here!


have a great night!