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deadlifts for breakfast

happy tuesday!

this morning’s wod was 5×5 deadlifts. a couple weeks ago, my IRM was 225#, which was pretty great considering the fact that i hadn’t deadlifted in at least four or 5 months. so today, here’s what i did for 5×5…

deadlift tues may 13

the 180×5’s were good, but my legs were definitely rocking! it has been really difficult getting used to not pausing at all at the bottom of each rep, and i can totally see how this tap-and-go method is more effective for building muscle, strength, and endurance. i can already see and feel myself getting stronger and just more efficient with each workout!

yesterday’s wod was one i am still feeling, too.

10 rounds of:

  • 1 minute row
  • 15 sec rest
  • 30 sec push up
  • 15 sec rest

i actually liked it a lot! i ended up doing a total of 139 push ups and my arms, shoulders, and chest are feeling it today!

and after about a month of waking up at 5 and heading right to crossfit, i think i am finally getting the hang of it {and even really looking forward to it}!!! at first, i was really nervous before each wod, but now i am feeling so much more comfortable with whatever they throw at me. i am also getting pretty good at getting ready for work sans shower! i’m going to write a post on my little routine, but since there are no showers at my box, and it is more than halfway to work for me, i just skip the shower altogether after my workouts. some days are sweatier than others, and as the weather gets warmer and warmer, i am sure it’ll be a whole new challenge. i certainly don’t look my best, but to me it’s a sacrifice i am willing to make three or four days a week!

here i am today- didn’t even wash my face since after the wod today wasn’t especially sweaty…

gym to school

{i should probably at least wash my face}

definitely not my prettiest, but not terrible. it’s also day #4 of not washing my hair, so the headband went from workout to work today.

and one more little thought for today…

know more suck less

i would love to be able to put this in my classroom, but that probably wouldn’t go over so well!