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thursday & some random thoughts

still can’t totally straighten my arms after the monday/tuesday wods, but i think that’s a good thing?? tuesday night, i had to be ridiculous and use a bottle opener to open my mich ultra, that’s how sore and weak i was!

1 mermaid opener

this morning, we were back at it, though, and it was romanian deadlift time. here’s what i did, but like before, my coach says i definitely could have gone up in weight… maybe that means i am already getting stronger since i used the percentages prescribed…


and now for some random thoughts…

i just love the feeling of an empty, silent, clean classroom at the end of the day.

1  quiet class

walking two strong dogs alone is quite the arm and oblique workout.

1 dog walk

every once in awhile, fortune cookies will really get things right.

1 fortune

have a great, happy day!!